Volkswagen Eos

The Volkswagen Eos is a four-seat, two-door convertible. Its retractable hardtop design combines the open-air experience of a traditional ragtop with the security and all-season comfort of a coupe's fixed roof. According to Greek mythology, Eos was the goddess of the sunrise, and it's an appropriate name for this smart-looking convertible. Though it is the spiritual successor to the Volkswagen Cabrio, the Volkswagen Eos sheds its predecessor's basic image in favor of more upscale and sophisticated style, substance and capabilities.

While once the exclusive province of high-end luxury cars, the availability of a retractable hardtop has trickled down to convertible models like the Eos that are more in line with what most drop-top shoppers can afford. With the ability to keep errant weather and noise out, retractable hardtops are all the rage, and VW has recognized the value of offering a four-seat retractable hardtop that starts under $30K. However, in typical German car fashion, the price on a Volkswagen Eos rise quickly as options are added.

Great Deals on a New or Used Volkswagen Eos

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The highlight of the Volkswagen Eos is its retractable hardtop. VW calls it the CSC (coupe-sunroof-convertible) and it employs a unique five-panel roof that transforms the Eos coupe's hardtop into an open-air convertible in just 25 seconds. It includes a surprisingly large sunroof and heated glass rear window. Since a retractable hardtop is still a relative novelty, you are sure to attract attention when you hit the button that sets in motion the choreographed dance of moving windows, sunroof and roof panels. The Volkswagen Eos has an available Trunk Lid Assistance program integrated with the parking sensors that monitors up to 20 inches behind the car and prevents the roof from operating if any object or obstruction is detected behind the Eos.