VW Collectible Memorabilia

Volkswagen Collectible Memorabila

Despite their popularity, Vintage VW toys are not the only collectibles sought after by Volkswagen enthusiasts. Old VW advertisements in old magazines, vintage VW posters, and others VW memorabilia are also considered extremely collectible. Volkswagen collectibles can range anywhere from super rare toy sets (similar to Milton Bradley's game Life) which were produced by the German government when KdF Wagen was still in development, to actual Volkswagen dealership signs! Also extremely collectible are miscellaneous VW items, such as cookie cutters, alarm clocks and everything in between! If it says VW or Volkswagen or can be proven to be a bit of original Volkswagen history it can be very collectible to an avid Volkswagen enthusiast.

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Great Deals on Rare Vintage VW Collectible Memorabilia

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