VW Vintage Collectible Toys

VW Vintage Toys and Collectibles

Volkswagen's has an immense global popularity and there is also a large following in Volkswagen collectibles.

Ever since before World War II, there have been VW toys based on Volkswagen Beetle. In the beginning, there were actual models, which were meant to show, in detail, what an original KDF Wagen consisted of. These Vintage VW models were intricately detailed: they had real rubber tires, working steering, miniature wiring, and real fabric seats. Today, one of these models has sold at auction for more than $60,000!

Before the war, Vintage VW toys were the closest anyone could get to a KdF Wagen. Since people were saving stamps in hopes of eventually buying a real KdF Wagen. The original KdF Wagen was never actually available like it was originally planned to be, and so people spent their stamps on VW toys, which were the next best thing available short of having a real KDF Wagen at the time.

In the 40's and 50's, VW toys were made several ways. Some were made of tin, some VW toys were die-cast, and some Vw toys were made of plastic. The tin toys didn't tend to last too long, especially if there were children playing with them. Die-cast toys were, by their more solid nature, more durable, but they too suffered wear over the years due to extensive play. Plastic toys were more rare, and they also were worn out like all the other toys. Today, there are still many examples of "mint" toys in existence. The older they are the more rare they and the more valuable they become to Vintage VW collectors.

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